NiLAB is a young and aspiring company which designs and produces innovative solutions for linear movements. NiLAB‘s mission is to provide innovative linear motion solutions, in particular in the field of Automation: like packaging machines, medical equipment, metal, wood and glass industries and also portable devices.
NiLAB is able to provide these solutions starting from the single component (linear guideways) to complete linear actuators (nanostage) and robotics (delta robots).


NiLAB offers engineering services to design new linear actuators: from the feasibility study to the pre-series-samples.

Product range

NiLAB designs and produces very successfully miniature linear motors, stages and actuators. Thanks to our collaboration with NITEK Linear motors we are able to provide solutions for linear movements also in standard sizes. Furthermore we are an official distributor agent of three brands of linear guides: PMI, NB and NITEK.

Our technology advantages

100000CO2 kg per year saved per single axis
10times faster than piezotechnology
5times smaller than a 5 Euro banknote
0Problems to start and maintain


Ing. Marco Gavesi


+ 8 years of experience in Analog and Mixed /Signal HW/SW design in different application areas: Medical Implantable Devices, Automatic Identification, Industrial Automation
+ 4 years of experience in the field of Direct Drive technologies and integration in machines using Digital Servo Drives, PLC and HMI

Katharina Pirker, MA

Sales and Marketing Manager

+ 3 years experience in selling mechanical components and linear motors
+ 2 years experience in Social Media Marketing (AdWords, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Gunter Hiebler

Mechanical Designer

+ 15 years of experience in precision mechanics
+ 8 years of experience in mechatronics
Development Engineer, Project Manager, CAD-Design, CAM-Programming, Prototyping, CE-Coordinator

Our partners